The legend of Zelda is 3D video game developed by Japanese game designer shigeru miyamoto and takashi tezuka.It is highly action and adventure video game series.Nintendo was publisher of legend of zelda, along capcom, vanpool and Grezzo, who have its portable installments as outsourced projects.Elements of action, adventure and puzzle-solving have been found in the game.
The Legen of zelda breath of the wild is part of legend of zelda series.The game was initially planned to release for Wii U but delayed. Breath of the Wild received critically acalaimed from citics around the world and they praised the game alot.

Legend of zelda games produced and long list of series from 1986 to 2017. Legend of zelda games list is listed below.

The Legend of Zelda 1986
The Adventure of Link 1987
A Link to the Past 1991
Link’s Awakening 1993
Ocarina of Time 1998
Majora’s Mask 2000
Oracle of seasons and Oracle of ages 2001
Four swords 2002 the wind waker 2002
Four Swords Adentures The Minish Cap 2004
Twilight Princess 2006
Phantom Hourglass 2007
Spirit tracks 2009
Skyward Sword 2011
A Link Between Worlds 2013
Tri Force Heroes 2015
Breath of the Wild 2017
In above legend of zelda live video game has been played, showing legend of zelda live action by game users.

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