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UK: Facebook Lax in Removing Banned Content
According to a report in the London-based The Times, the social media network operator could face criminal charges in Britain for
balking at taking down the content, which the paper said included dozens of images and videos that were flagged by moderators.
According to a report in Reuters, the local arms of big companies including Unilever, Ford
and Yamaha all agreed during a meeting with Information and Communication Minister Truong Minh Tuan to stop advertising on YouTube.
Some of the content reportedly included a beheading by the Islamic State group, a video of a sexual assault on a child and propaganda posts
that celebrated recent terrorist attacks in London and Egypt.
“In my view, many of the images and videos identified by The Times are illegal,” Julian Knowles, Queen’s Counsel, said in the report.
In February, the communist nation starting putting pressure on Google aimed at
getting YouTube to remove content from dissidents based outside of Vietnam.